Kathryn Downs


The West Midlands is a region rich in culture and heritage, where ordinary people come together to help those most in need and where small businesses are leading the way innovating and creating decent jobs. We are a region with great potential, but are stuck with plans that fail to tackle the big problems of our time. We are a deeply unequal region, where too many children are growing up in poverty and where the climate crisis simply isn’t being taken seriously by the West Midlands Combined Authority, who’s 2041 target for carbon emissions is woefully inadequate.


Kathryn has lived in the West Midlands region all of her life and has been working in the combined authority area for over 12 years.

Kathryn Downs, West Midlands Mayor Candidate sitting in a park
Kathryn Downs

For the last two years Kathryn has been working as Director of Technology & Transformation for one of the West Midlands largest providers of affordable housing, but also has broad experience of business transformation in other sectors including retail, education and disabled children’s services.

Motivated by the current state of politics and the lack of focus on the climate crisis, 2019 saw Kathryn join the Green Party and become politically active for the first time.

Quickly becoming an elected town councillor, Kathryn has been working since to give young people more of a voice in local politics, and to tackle the issues facing her electorate.

Away from work and politics Kathryn spends time helping and supporting local community groups. With hate crime against the LGBT+ community continuing to rise she recently established Chase Pride, a registered charity that aims to raise awareness of the issues facing the LGBT+ community and campaigns for greater equality for all.

Kathryn is passionate about ensuring under-represented groups have a voice in the West Midlands and wants to help build a fairer, more equal society, where people can live without fear of prejudice, and where young people can realise their hopes and dreams.

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